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Gluten-Free Restaurant Foods Are Often Mislabeled 

A lot of restaurant menus these days have gluten-free options. Problem is, many of the dishes may not be gluten-free at all.

“About a third overall, 32 percent, of gluten-free-labeled restaurant foods had a gluten-found result.” Benjamin Lebwohl, a gastroenterologist and epidemiologist at Columbia University.

His team got that one-third number by crowdsourcing data from 804 restaurant patrons, who used handheld gluten-testing devices to scan more than 5,600 restaurant food samples from across the U.S.

The devices can detect gluten at slightly lower levels than the maximum concentration the FDA allows for packaged foods—20 parts per million. So there could be some harmless false positives in the data.

“But we suspect given that large proportion that this is clearly a bigger problem than in packaged food, where probably less than 2 percent of all packaged food has detectable gluten of greater than 20 parts per million.”

The results are in the American Journal of Gastroenterology.

For those who need to avoid gluten for health reasons, Lebwohl has a few tips. “Food that was tested around dinnertime was more likely to have gluten than food earlier in the day.” And avoid allegedly gluten-free pizzas and pastas, he says, which scored more violations than other dishes. More than half of all pizza and pasta dishes tested positive for gluten.

A salad, for lunch, might be a safer bet.



“大约三分之一,32%,无谷蛋白标签的餐馆食品有谷蛋白检测结果。”Benjamin Lebwohl,是哥伦比亚大学胃肠病学和流行病学家。